510 Drawings

The client is a professional architect with a full time job who decided to start a freelance 3D Architectural rendering business. It would operate from the time she got home at 5pm until 10pm. This overnight rendering service helps architectural companies turn their 2-Dimensional drawings into full 3D visualizations. 

We developed an identity that not only said what the business does, but also demonstrates it. We called the company 510 Drawings - indicating the time in which the business operates, and developed the positioning ‘Giving Lines Dimension’ as its unique offering. The logo mark demonstrates the play on numbers - at one angle you see a 5, and the other a 10. All of which is separated by a flat horizontal line. This allowed for the logo to be applied at various boundary lines across the stationary. The mark is built from one simple line drawing - similar to the way an architectural rendering builds dimension from a flat drawing.

510-showcase6 copy510-showcase6 copy